Electronic Monitoring System

Electronic alarm monitoring fitted to BioKube systems

Part of the CEN 12566 standard requires that all systems must have an alarm system which will indicate failure of the system. 

The electronic alarm monitoring system fitted to a BioKube will indicate all component failures that will affect its performance.

The details of the electronic alarm monitoring system are below.

Alarm symbol (number of flash + corresponding audible sound):

1 flash     dosage pump for phosphorus removal, malfunction or low level of chemicals

2 flash Air pump 1, malfunction

3 flash Air pump 2, malfunction

4 flash Air pump 3, malfunction (this terminal is only in use by 15 – 30 PE plants)

5 flash Air pump 4, malfunction

6 flash Inlet-pump, malfunction

7 flash High level in external pumping well

Air blower alarm monitoring:

In the event of air blower malfunction, a current sensor will activate the alarm, just as the alarm will be activated if the pressure drops, suggesting a tube rupture.

Valve alarm monitoring:

The power supply to the valves is measured when the backwashing system is activated. If no power is supplied to one of the valves, the alarm will be activated.

Pump alarm monitoring:

In the event of submerged pump malfunction, the water level in the pump well will rise and activate a level floater, thus activating the pump alarm.

Dosing pump alarm:

When the backwashing system is activated, the dosing pump will start. If this does happen, an alarm will be triggered.

Fluid level alarm:

When the fluid level in the chemical tank drops below a certain level, a level floater will be activated, thus activating the alarm.

All alarms are electronic.  The monitoring system will only activate when there is power supplied to the system.