Installation instructions

BioKube 5 – 30 PE


The BioKube system is easy to install due to its light weight and minimal depth required.  The 2 parts of the system, the Settlement tank and the AWTS, can be installed easily with a mini digger.  The maximum depth required is only 1.8m. The inlet invert from the house will normally be to a maximum of 1000mm.  (Deeper installations can be accommodated if required.) The outlet from the BioKube AWTS will be at 400mm below ground level allowing easy discharge to ditches, ponds etc.  Since the AWTS is never emptied it does not need to be concreted in the ground. The Settlement tank may need to be concreted if there is a high water table. White Rose Installations Ltd are the trained BioKube sewage system installers in the UK.


All BioKube systems are small and lightweight.  Please see our Domestic Biokube range and Commercial BioKube Range for more information. (Units bigger than 15 PE will have an external Compressor box)

The size of the Septic Tank will vary depending on the PE selected.  A standard 5 PE settlement tank will be approximately 2m high by 1250mm diameter with an invert level to a maximum of 1000mm.


The complete BioKube system consists of two parts. Firstly the Settlement tank, which will vary in size depending on the required PE to be processed, and secondly the BioKube AWTS.  There is piping connecting both parts and a 5 core electrical cable supplying power and alarm signals from the house.

The BioKube biological compact wastewater treatment system is made of polyethylene. This ensures long durability and superior strength against external and internal impacts.

All pipes connecting the various cleaning units are made of PVC or polypropylene and have been approved for burial.

The cover placed above the wastewater treatment system can carry ordinary traffic but cannot carry vehicle traffic.

The system must be buried at least two metres from a road for vehicle traffic.  Under UK building regulations part H2 it must also be at least 10m from the foundations of the house and 10m from the nearest watercourse.

The Alarm control system is mounted inside the house. All internal electrical connections are mounted inside the system.

Consequently, only a mains and an alarm cable need to be established between the Alarm control system and the wastewater treatment system.

 Installing the BioKube

BioKube Venus transported with a mini gigger

Biokube installed

BioKube with the top off



The systems are delivered ready for burial.

The system is fitted with four hooking points, which are used when the system is lowered into the ground. These points can also be used for lifting if this should be necessary.

The system is locked with either a sealing strap or a padlock. Only the sewage contractor and the service staff have access to the system. The system owner does not have access to the system.

System installation:

The most simple installation is made as close as possible to the Settlement tank’s outlet. If no settlement tank is already installed this must be installed at the same time as the BioKube. (Follow the instructions provided with the Settlement tank.)  If an existing septic tank is to be used as the settlement tank then please contact Biotank Ltd. for further information as to its suitability.

Dig a hole to suit the model of BioKube you have bought.

Level the bottom and adjust the surface with sand.

If the outlet from the Settlement tank is placed lower than 90 cm, an external pump well must be established between the Settlement tank and the BioKube wastewater treatment system.

The system is lifted into the hole and the following pipe connections are established:

1.    From the Settlement tank outlet to the wastewater treatment system inlet.

2.    From the backwashing unit of the wastewater treatment system to the Settlement tank inlet to which a branch pipe is connected.

3.    From the outlet of the wastewater treatment system to the drainage outfall.

Electrical connections:

The Alarm control box is mounted inside the house, e.g. in the utility room.

The Alarm control box is connected to 230 V AC, it needs to be protected with an RCD unit.

A 5 core armoured cable is taken from the Alarm control box to the wastewater treatment system’s terminal block.

Starting the wastewater treatment system:

The Settlement tank is emptied by a sludge extractor and filled with water.

Subsequently, the power supply is connected and in the course of 3-5 weeks, the system will have created the biofilm which cleans the wastewater.


An annual maintenance agreement with Sapphire Environmental, Tel. 01757 289681, is set up with the system owner, so that the service is performed automatically.